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Need Financial Assistance in Rescuing, Fostering and Providing Wellness Treatments
for Neglected and Abandoned Warm Springs Reservation Dogs and Cats

Can you help? With a donation, no matter how big or small, you can help me to provide food and life-saving medical services for these animals.
Updated February 19, 2024

shaking dog paw

My name is Vicky Littleleaf and I am originally from the bay area of California. Since 1997, I have resided in Oregon, married into the tribe of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation to my husband, Charles. I have loved every day living in the High Plains Desert in Oregon but, where we live, I see so many stray and sick animals in desperate need, with seasonal weather conditions taking it's toll on them. It is my destiny is to care for them the best I can. But I am in need of some help.

Ever since I was young, I've been an animal lover and protector, almost always putting animals ahead of my own wants/needs. My late mother, also a devoted animal lover, raised my sister and I this way. We see animals as one of life's greatest gifts and that we must do everything we can to treat them with kindness and love, and to always protect them .

Since living on the reservation, I have been taking in many stray dogs, cats and other animals who are sick, abused, neglected and starving. There are so many of them. These animals are running all over the reservation which leads to the spreading of contagious diseases, often resulting in their death. There are also a great number of pregnant stray mothers who raise their babies under extreme conditions, with most youngsters not making it to their first year of life. In addition, there are several groups of wild dogs who roam around killing cows, their babies, horses and other animals all over this open range. These wild dogs are dangerous, not at all afraid of people, yet they were all once innocent puppies themselves. My husband said he would prefer to come across wolves rather than a pack of wild dogs. Wild dogs are very unpredictable. 














It is nearly impossible for me to get through a day without worrying about these helpless animals who are subjected to so much here on this reservation. I am constantly out looking for them, sometimes in the harshest of conditions such as in the middle of snow and ice storms during winters.

Winum, fostered dog
Warm Springs rescued puppy
Warm Springs dogs
homeless dog in winter
rescued sleeping puppy

Below: I found a mother dog and her 8 newborn pups buried in a deep 3-4 ft ditch on a hillside. with many holes among the branches, sharp twigs and piles of brush and burnable trash. Some of the babies fell into these hole pockets where the mother couldn't reach them. She was in a state of panic. I ended up crawling down into all of it, making my way to get to the pups, risking getting bit by black widows, scorpions or a rattle snake. Once I recovered the pups, I saw all the scratches on my arms as a job well done. Mom and the puppies were safe, contained on our property and happily nursing. All 8 pups were eventually spayed and neutered, then adopted out to loving homes, off rez, in neighboring cities.)

newborn puppies
Fostered Warm Springs dog
Adopted white puppy
Adopted black puppy

A close friend of mine, who I often confide in regarding rescuing and my ongoing financial difficulties to keep going, is aware of how this situation continues to weigh heavy on my heart every day. She recommended that I set up a fundraising campaign. For many of us, it takes a huge effort putting ones' pride aside for an important cause, myself included, yet what I see everyday is absolutely heartbreaking and I need some help to make life easier for them.

VIDEO BELOW: Winum, rescued from a home 4 years ago where her husband & wife caretakers once lived. Sadly, they both passed away 1 week apart and Winum was left behind with no one to care for her. The neighborhood would sometimes feed her table scraps.

I have been fostering Winum for nearly 3 years now and she is a wonderful watch dog as well as super loving. She has a wild streak in her but she's mostly tame, especially with people.

At one point, I was borrowing a couple of Igloos for these foster furkids but I had to return them last year during the summer. I've since been in need of 3 extra large Igloos for larger dogs. For the time being, Winum is sleeping in our parked motor home during storms and below freezing temps. Currently, the snow is coming down in buckets.

For a little while in 2023, I volunteered for an organization that had set up shop here in Warm Springs, to help needy Warm Springs families with dog/cat food, animal wellness checks, spray and neutering, and setting up outdoor fences for their dogs who have been tied up on short ropes and chains. I also hosted their dog and cat food bank for a while, ending up being able to get a little food for my own rescues during that time. It was really nice to see smiles on the faces of dog and cat owners who desperately needed food for their animals as well as outdoor fences, freeing their dogs from a life on short chains and ropes, unable to run or move much.

As time went on, I found this organization becoming too political with their already well-working system and that their Warm Springs assistance was entering a new phase.  These tribal members, once glowing with happiness and hope for their dogs and cats, had to deal with some drastic changes. Of course, we can't take anything like this for granted but, waving high hopes in front of poverty stricken folks and elders, to see them being cut off for the most part with only a tiny handful of food they'd receive once a month, was extremely frustrating.

While I was hosting the food bank, I was able to deliver some of the dog/cat food to the elders who couldn't make it to my location. But, once the organization became political, they put a stop to this as well. They now have a centralized area for food pick up, far away from many who don't have transportation. If you can't get to their building for a small amount of food to last an entire month for however many dogs/cats you have, you are on your own - elders included. They will not allow me to pick up food for the elders in need.

And so, I am resuming to where I left off before they ever came into the picture - on my own.


My husband had been supporting my efforts with generous donations from his own work, but he is no longer able to do so. His small business requires all funds he's earned to invest back into his shop (supplies, tools, etc) to keep it operational. Prices for his supplies are quite high these days. In the interim, I sell rocks here at my website to subsidize my rescue/fostering efforts but don't have enough rocks to sell at one given time.

In any event, I am now back on the trail to help the animals of Warm Springs without assistance which is why I am humbly asking for donations, no matter how big or small, to continue assisting these forgotten animals in Warm Springs. If you are able to make a small donation and/or share my campaign with others who may be able to help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your support!

Venmo: @wsanimalrescue
Cash App: $vlittleleaf

If you'd like to make an offline donation via check/money order, please send to: Vicky Littleleaf, PO Box 1225, Warm Springs, Oregon 97761, and make a note in the comment section: 'Rescue Donation'. Again, many thanks!!

rescued puppy
Rescued puppies
Rescued puppy in snow at Warm Springs
Rescued WS cat
Bath time for fostered dog
large rescued dog in snow
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