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Donations Greatly Appreciated!

Need Help for Lost and Forgotten Reservation Animals

My name is Vicky Littleleaf and I am originally from the bay area of California. Since 1997, I have resided in Oregon, married into the tribe of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation to my husband, Charles. I have loved every day living in the High Plains Desert in Oregon but, where we live, I see so many stray and sick animals in desperate need, with seasonal weather conditions taking it's toll on them. It is my destiny is to help them the best I can.

But I need help.

Can You Help Me Help Them?


Ever since I was young, I've been an animal lover and protector, most often putting animals ahead of my own wants/needs. My late mother, also a devoted animal lover, raised my sister and I this way. We see animals as one of life's greatest gifts and that we must do everything we can to treat them with kindness and love, and to always protect them.

Since living on the reservation, I have been taking in many stray dogs, cats and other animals who are sick, neglected, abused, ignored, and starving. There are so many of them. These animals belong to no one and are running free which leads to the spreading of contagious diseases, often resulting in their death. There are also many, many pregnant stray mothers who bring up stray babies, with most youngsters not making it to their first year of life. In addition, there are several groups of wild dogs who go around killing cows, their babies, horses and other animals on this open range. These dogs are dangerous, not at all afraid of people, but they were all once innocent puppies themselves. My husband said he would prefer to come across wolves rather than a pack of wild dogs. Wild dogs are unpredictable. 

It is nearly impossible for me to get through a day without worrying about those helpless animals who are subjected to so much here on this reservation. I am out constantly looking for them, sometimes in the harshest of conditions such as in the middle of snow and ice during winters.

The tribe once had a woman, Nancy, working at the Warm Springs Indian Health Service department who I would call whenever I needed a little extra help with the animals I rescued. For many years, she was in charge of a generous donation left to the tribe by an elderly woman in Jefferson County, Oregon who passed away a number of years ago. Nancy retired a few years ago, and there is no longer anyone within the tribe who I have been able to contact and who is actively on hand to assist me with my rescues and their needs.

Many of my phone calls made to Nancy's old department have gone unanswered. My solo rescue efforts are recently becoming a hardship on my family. I've really needed the department's help but, since none of my calls were returned and I was faced with this alone, I knew I had to do something and soon.

(Photo at right: Just discovered a mother dog and her 8 newborn pups in a deep ditch on a hillside with many holes among the branches, sharp twigs and piles of brush, burnable trash that was left by previous residents. Some of the babies (not even with their eyes opened yet!) fell into these hole pockets where the mother couldn't reach them. She was in a state of panic, as was I. I ended up crawling through it all, making my way to get to the pups, risking getting bit by black widows, scorpions and rattle snakes. Once I recovered the pups and knew I was safe from linger insects/snakes, I realized all the scratches on my arms were well worth it. Mom and the puppies are now safe, contained on our property, and happily nursing.

A close friend of mine, who I often confide in regarding rescuing and my increasing financial difficulties to sustain myself for all that I need, is aware of how this situation is weighing heavy on my heart every day. 


I have recently receive generous help from Fences for Fido, an organization who I will be forever grateful to. They have graciously loaned me a much needed pen to keep strays contained until I can get them to the vet for their care such as receiving their shots, spay and neutering and most importantly, if sick, get them medical treatment. Once they are cared for by the vet, they will be ready for adoption.

For the time being, I am unable to handle much of this, financially, and can only bring them to the Humane Society and let them take care of them. But it has come time where our Humane Society, a no-kill facility, are at full capacity, therefore I need to do much of this on my own, including advertising to find responsible, loving homes.

Winum, rescued from a home where her caretakers lived. Sadly, both caretakers passed away 1 week apart, and Winum was left behind with no one to care for her.


(Photo at left: 7 of the 8 newly rescued puppies. The 8th pup is on the blue blanket, rolling around. All pups still have their eyes closed.)

She recommended that I set up a fundraising campaign. For many of us, it takes a great deal of effort putting ones' pride aside for a cause we embark on, myself included, but I am at a point where I need some assistance to help end this on-going suffering, neglect and watching sick, untreated animals dying from disease. It is absolutely heartbreaking.

Since living here on the Warm Springs Reservation, I have been taking in many stray dogs, cats and other animals who are sick, neglected, abused, ignored, and/or starving. There are so many of them. They belong to no one and are running free which often leads to the spreading of contagious diseases, It is nearly impossible for me to get through a day without worrying about these helpless beings. The lost/forgotten is a never-ending situation on the reservation so I am out constantly looking for them, sometimes in the unpredictable brush, or in the harshest weather such as in the middle of extremely hot temperatures in the summer, and cold, blizzard type snow and ice during winters.

(Above: Kitty covered in mange. She has since been treated.)


For a time, my husband had been supporting my efforts financially, but he is no longer able to do so, as much as he emotionally supports me and my efforts. His small business requires all funding he makes goes right back into his shop to keep it operational. And so, I am humbly asking for donations, no matter how big or small, to continue helping these forgotten animals on our reservation.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your time and consideration. If you are able to make a small donation and/or share my campaign with others who may be able to help me, it would be so greatly appreciated.

Pls help >>>

Donations also welcome through the following: 
Venmo: @wsanimalrescue
Cash App: $WSRezAnimalRescue

Again, many thanks to everyone for your kindness! xoxo

If you would like to make an offline donation, please send to: Vicky Littleleaf, PO Box 1225, Warm Springs, Oregon 97761.

Below: Love is in the air! VERY happy new moms to some of my recently rescued pups!

cat rescue

A recently captured feral male cat who refuses to eat from a bowl. He always turns the bowl upside down. One funny cat. :)

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