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Rocks and gemstones are some of the greatest gifts we humans can behold. They bring us happiness, grace us with good energies, and have been known to heal.

My husband, Charles, is a rock collector and I get to tag along with him on his searches! We have trekked many miles over the years, searching for beautiful rock specimens, often in the most rugged terrain here on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation of Oregon and throughout the surrounding High Plains Desert.

Charles is an enrolled tribal member so we have access to the most remote areas here in Warm Springs where these rare beauties are found, areas which are closed to the public. Most of the Warm Springs rocks and gems he finds, and allows me to sell for him, are located at Coyote Creek and the Sunflower Flats regions of this reservation. This is where we find all sizes of thundereggs loaded with crystals and agate, amethyst,  jasper, amazing petrified woods and rare, one of a kind specimens. And so, we are excited to share many of them with you.

Welcome and enjoy!
Vicky Littleleaf

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